How It All Started  The International Friendship League was founded in 1931 at Peacehaven in Sussex by Noel Ede, to provide friendship, understanding and service for all nationalities following the conflict in World War One. As a result many branches throughout the UK and Europe were set up. In 1950 the IFL decided to buy a property in West London to provide inexpensive accommodation for visitors of all nationalities. As a voluntary organisation the IFL could not take out a mortgage so a limited company was set up, called Friendship Centres Ltd. The property was named Peace Haven, after the home of the founder. Many IFL members at home and abroad spent many years of hard work making the building habitable and fund raising to equip the house and to pay off the mortgage and the Centre was very successful for many years. Sadly it was the increase in Government regulations with regard to the running of guest houses which prompted the reluctant decision to sell. The Centre closed at the end of November 2006. Copyright © 2013 International Friendship League British Section Home Page  -  Who We Are  -  What We Do  -  Our History  -  How To Join  -  Contact Us  -  Links